"I didn’t know that a bikini (something that I’ve avoided for 30+ years) would give me a boost in confidence, too. I’m grateful 💚♻️⁣"

- Addie (@oldworldnew)

"Wearing these bikinis makes me feel good on the inside and out. So cute on the outside with the fun print and also on the inside knowing that these are made from recycled plastic bottles"

- Jayna S. (Yoga Teacher, Shanghai)

"The material and shape is super comfy and gorgeous, literally no one would even know it’s made from recycled plastic (although I would love it if everyone knew how awesome that is)"

- Kossassa (@kossassa)

"this is a worthwhile investment for the quality (even been practicing pole in this) AND !! most importantly !!! good for the earth 🌍 🤠✌️"

- Cami (@camikeeps)

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