"I didn’t know that a bikini (something that I’ve avoided for 30+ years) would give me a boost in confidence, too. Self-love is necessary for sustaining a healthy life. I’m grateful 💚♻️⁣"

- Addie (@oldworldnew)

"this sustainable swimwear startup is completely phenomenal. 10/10 🌍💖"

- Christina Kao (@christina_kao)

"The material and shape is super comfy and gorgeous, literally no one would even know it’s made from recycled plastic (although I would love it if everyone knew how awesome that is)"

- Kossassa (@kossassa)

"this is a worthwhile investment for the quality (even been practicing pole in this) PLUS these are the perfect balance of flirty & fun with good coverage AND !! most importantly !!! good for the earth 🌍 🤠✌️"

- Cami (@camikeeps)

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