How Are We Sustainable?

How do you minimize packaging?  

  • We absolutely minimize packaging, to the point that we are the ONLY brand we've ever come across that requires our factories to ship new product in flat pack recycled boxes with NO poly bags ever in the process. This means we ship new garments without any factory packaging whatsoever. This is unheard of in our industry!
  • We also developed a reusable, waterproof eco-PEVA pouch which comes with every purchase so that customers never need to use a plastic bag to protect their belongings from a wet bathing suit after use. We are obsessive about no packaging - or at least any packaging that is not from an eco source and completely reusable long-term.   

  • pva pouch sustainable packaging swimwear


How do we implement wastewater management initiatives? 

  • 90% of our swimwear are sublimation (heat transfer) printed which compared to vat dyeing or screen printing uses around 90% less water, 75% less energy, and 90% fewer auxiliary chemicals. The color fastness rating of our printing process is also the highest possible.

What are the specific steps we take to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in our supply chain? 

  • We not only use recycled LOCAL PET to make our two fabrics (knit and woven), but use heat transfer printing, no disposable packaging, and produce and sell over 50% of our products within a small radius from our Shanghai studio. We use locally sourced trims and use electric-vehicle ground freight wherever possible.


How does Loop ensure payments of a living wage in our supply chain? 

  • The monthly minimum wage of FUJIAN province is 1800 RMB ($275). Our garment factory pays their 90 garment workers an average salary, with a sewer making an average monthly salary of 4000 RMB ($585). We also visit our full supply chain in person regularly.

How sustainable is your manufacturing process? 

  • We purchase our yarn from REPREVE (Unifi Company) directly, where they control the PET recycling process from the flake to yarn. We visit our knitting and weaving mills - both located in Quanzhou, Fujian province, near to our garment factory. All nickel-free trims come from Guangzhou and our fabric is heat transfer printed with low-impact petrochemical dyes. Learn more about our fabric process



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