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#WisdomWednesday with Loop Swim - May '24

#WisdomWednesday with Loop Swim - May '24

May 29 2024
 A dose of eco wisdom every Wednesday! ☀️ Dear Loop fam, we at Loop kicked off May with our ne...

IWD2023 - Continuing the Education

March 7 2023
  What a year it’s been since last International Women’s Day! Our Loop team hopes this past yea...
Enough is Enough: An IWD Status Check

Enough is Enough: An IWD Status Check

March 7 2022
Like having a birthday, every year on International Women’s Day many of us take stock and wond...
In The Loop: Summer Reading!

In The Loop: Summer Reading!

July 2 2021
We are easing into summertime, and as schools wrap up the semester, and pants turn into shorts al...
I am enough.

I am enough.

March 7 2021
"This year, let’s celebrate Women’s Day by giving ourselves the gift of I Am Enough."- A letter ...
loop swim monas travel blog

Loop Feature: Mona's Travel Blog

January 11 2021
Sustainable fashion is the unanimous solution to some of the most serious problems of the modern...
reusable pouch loop swim

Deck the halls, not the bins!

December 6 2020
Holiday season might as well be called packaging-mas. An extra 30% of packaging waste is produced and discarded throughout the festive period when compared with the rest of the year.
Shanghai Fashion Week Goes Green(er)!

Shanghai Fashion Week Goes Green(er)!

October 25 2020
Image Courtesy: Greenext Shanghai Fashion Week was different from past seasons not only in the s...
Style Your Loop Suit As A Real Outfit

Style Your Loop Suit As A Real Outfit

October 12 2020
Check out our guide to wearing your Loop suit year-round!
A Perth-fect Staycation

A Perth-fect Staycation

September 17 2020
With Covid-19 raging around the world, we’ve now become accustomed to face masks, social distanci...
Is it Time for the Fashion Industry to Shrink?

Is it Time for the Fashion Industry to Shrink?

September 11 2020
COVID-19 has pulled back the curtain on the $1.5 trillion dollar global fashion industry – turns ...
The Future of Fashion!?

The Future of Fashion!?

August 3 2020
Business meetings, virtual happy hours… and fashion shows?        The COVID-19 pandemic, a world...


July 7 2020
Keynote Address by Loop Co-founder, Heather Kaye, at  Dulwich College, Shanghai. Good morning ...
The Sustainable Consumer Mindset

The Sustainable Consumer Mindset

July 1 2020
Nearly everyone loves purchasing new goods, but not everyone is aware of the significant consequences that our choices have on our environment. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your next online purchase. 
minimalist wardrobe less is more loop swim

Less is More: A Minimalist Wardrobe Guide

June 24 2020
Learn how to have a minimalistic wardrobe. Minimalism encourages us to think about the things we love, instead of things we just like.
happy world ocean day 2020 loop swim fishbowl

How to Celebrate World Ocean Day

June 8 2020
Not sure how to mark this unique day? Here are 6 simple ways you can leave a positive impact
beach blue pink ocean loop swim what connects us

What Connects Us

June 7 2020
As we paused to honor World Oceans Day on June 8th, our hearts were brimming over with both despair and hope. The agency and momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement has emerged as a catalyst of hope, institutional change and long-withheld justice – now, we must ALL do the work.
coral conservation fish reef loop swim pink

Coral Conservation #protectwhatyoulove

June 3 2020
Given the sensitivity of the coral, destructive fishing practices, unsustainable coastal development, and pollution have all contributed to their degradation. Read more to learn about coral conservation!
Every Day is Earth Day!

Every Day is Earth Day!

May 26 2020
Happy Earth Day! Here's some habits and lifestyle changes that might help in reducing our carbon footprint.
Our Community She-roes and their Daily Rituals

Our Community She-roes and their Daily Rituals

May 19 2020
We are definitely living through unprecedented times and with everything going on it can be hard ...
Stepping Outside the Green Zone

Stepping Outside the Green Zone

May 19 2020
Loop Co-founder, Heather Kaye, takes us behind the scenes of the photoshoot for Loop's newest 2020 collection!
Plastic Pollution, Types of Plastic, blog, Loop Swim

An Urban Field Guide To Plastics

April 13 2020
We should all be trying to reduce the amount of plastic we use, from carrier bags and reusable water bottles to buying loose veggies. Here is our guide to plastics!
behance quarantine goals loop swim

How to Set Quarantine Goals Like a Boss

April 7 2020
Now that I’m on day 10 of our 14-day home quarantine in Shanghai, China (where they take this stuff so seriously there’s a magnetic tracker on our front door and a hazmat team that picks up our trash), it’s time to share some hard-won best practices.
Building a world we want to live in. Loop Swim. The New Normal.

Building a World We Want to Live In

March 24 2020
We are with you – let’s help each other stay healthy and safe so we can continue to strengthen our global commons.
world water day loop swim fashion unsustainable

Loop Swim Celebrates World Water Day

March 22 2020
World Water Day, is an annual UN observance day and it is all about raising awareness around the world’s (fast) shrinking freshwater supply. Read to learn more about fashion's role in World Water Day.
Fashion Women’s Oppression Exploitation Empowerment harvard university loop swim

The Complex Relationship Between Fashion and Women’s Oppression, Exploitation, and Empowerment

February 10 2020
Fashion has always been about expression and expressing power. During this unprecedented time of reflection on the balance of power between women and men, taking a closer look at the role fashion today plays in helping empower or oppress women adds a complex layer of questions.
three women swim collective 2020 Loop Swim

Loop Swim in the US Swim Collective 2020!

January 29 2020
Loop Swim attended the Swim Collective, Jan 2020 to showcase their latest swim and resort collections to luxury retailers and buyers. It was Loop Swim’s first time participating at a swimwear trade show in the United States.
two women swimming smiling in pool thailand Loop Swim

A Letter From Our Loop Swim Founders

November 8 2019
Loop Founders break down their reasons for starting Loop, the destructive effects of pollution and fast fashion, and a way to move forward
woman diving coral rashguard Loop Swim

Dive in with Loop Co-founder Itee!

October 24 2019
Itee, our PADI certified co-founder shares some of her dive secrets and how the deep blue gives her inspiration for the brand.
Every Body is a Beach Body

Every Body is a Beach Body

October 11 2019
We are big believers in body positivity, embracing our curvy or flat selves, and understand that wearing something we’re comfortable in is key to rocking our fabulous bods.
two people surfing watching sunset girl guy couple Loop Swim

Surfing the Waves in Phuket

September 18 2019
We spoke to Henry Chapman, 16, the Thai National Surf Champion, and Aliya Akhmetshina, an expat fellow surfer, on what makes Phuket the perfect place to hone their skills.
InStyle: Loop Swim Feature

InStyle: Loop Swim Feature

August 31 2019
Loop Swim has some very exciting news. We have been featured in InStyle magazine for their August 2019 issue! Read all about it here.
Loop Swim on China Daily

Loop Swim on China Daily

August 23 2019
Read Loop Swim's Co Founder, Heather Kaye's, recent chat with China Daily - shedding light on the brand’s secret sauce and highlighting how our waste should be our biggest resource.
5 Best Luxurious Beach Hotels in Asia

5 Best Luxurious Beach Hotels in Asia

July 2 2019
Loop loves to partner with brands who share our passion for sustainability and cultivate stylish products and experiences. We wanted to highlight a few of our partners across Asia by offering some summer travel suggestions for a luxurious escape.
Dada Li – PADI Amabassadiver, Mermaid, Ocean Lover.

Dada Li – PADI Amabassadiver, Mermaid, Ocean Lover.

June 1 2019
Get to know Dada Li, PADI’s first female Chinese Ambassador and China’s pre-eminent free diver. Read more about her and why she loves Loop Swim!