Closing the Loop

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What is REPREVE? 

With one million plastic bottles per minute being sold around the globe and only 9% recycled, we share REPREVE's mission of capturing these valuable resources and giving them new life.


Through using REPREVE and partnering with Unifi, Loop has helped in recycling over 20 billion plastic bottles! 


What makes Loop's fabric special? 


Most swimwear is made from WARP knit fabric, but our performance fabric is a special circular WEFT knit, which has more 4-way elasticity.


Weft Knitting


Warp Knitting


From day one, Loop swim has partnered with REPREVE to transform post-consumer use plastic bottles into phenomenal UPF50+ sun protective swimwear for women, men and kids—and now we'll even be able to recycle your old Loop swimsuits. REPREVE is an essential part of our mission to deliver transparency to our customers and close the loop on waste throughout the life of your swimsuit.

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Together, we can protect what we love.