Dada Li – PADI Amabassadiver, Mermaid, Ocean Lover.


Dada Li, PADI’s first female Chinese Ambassador and China’s pre-eminent free diver is a name to know. Her passion for underwater exploration began in 2012 when she first learned how to dive. Since then Dada has developed a name for herself as a free diver and self-proclaimed mermaid. Mermaid-ing is an artistic practice that refers to underwater modeling involving costumes and accessories such as a mermaid tail. Dada uses images from her mermaid photoshoots to encourage people to dive and also to bring awareness on the importance of ocean preservation. To support this practice, she founded Free Diving and Mermaid Academy in Shenzhen where she teaches safe diving techniques and educates divers on how to model underwater.


dada li loop swim

Dada discovered Loop Swim through PADI, she was intrigued that our suits are made from the sustainable fabric: RepreveTM, recycled PET bottles. She describes her emotional journey diving as “diving has shown me the magnificent wonders of the sea, but also the irreversible man-made wounds of the sea. With the increasing amount of waste that makes its way into our oceans on a daily basis I wondered…what if all this plastic could be recycled into something beautiful? When I learned Loop Swim had figured out a way to do this, I did not hesitate to choose Loop as my most intimate companion underwater in support of all acts of kindness to the sea.”



We were thrilled to collaborate with Dada by having her showcase our signature prints Living Coral, Oceania and Coral Deco. Her images are not only beautiful to look at but are also inspiring for anyone interested in ocean conservation.

In celebration of World Oceans Day we’re offering 20% off at checkout with the code Oceans8, this promotion will be valid until June 10th.



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