Building a World We Want to Live In

Dear Friends,

We started our company 10 years ago because we believed fashion needed an overhaul. We wanted to reverse the harmful contributions our industry was making to climate change and give people an alternative to disposable fast fashion made with exploited labor and little regard for our global commons.

Today, everyone on this planet is being affected directly or indirectly by COVID-19. Our daily routines, sense of well-being and security, and livelihoods are being turned upside down. What is extraordinary, in these unprecedented times, is how quickly we are coming together, standing by one another, helping neighbors and loved ones far away. This is THE time to open our hearts. Our love and compassion for each other is our superpower, and our ability to work together to solve our most pressing challenges is critical.

As many of you know, we founded Loop Swim in our adopted hometown of Shanghai, China which for months now has been in lockdown mode. At the end of January, our team flew to California to attend our first US trade show: Swim Collective. We didn’t have a clue when we left China just how bad things were about to get. It was agonizing watching as the virus unfolded in Hubei province and beyond. We kept postponing our flights back to China, until at the beginning of March we decided it was safe – and it was time to go home.

We’re almost done with our 14-day at-home quarantines, and want to let you know the secret to happiness: celebrate and protect what you love. Take this downtime to get in touch with what really gives you energy and purpose.  Create joy and humor, and stay connected with those you love.

In Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ 危机 is made up of two characters: danger and opportunity. Let’s not let the huge opportunity we have before us to collaborate and build a future of which we’re all excited to be a part slip away. We are with you – let’s help each other stay healthy and safe so we can continue to strengthen our global commons.

With much love,
Itee + Heather

PS – To thank you all for your support in our mission to #closetheloop on waste, we are offering a flash sale on all our new products purchased from our website until the end of the month. All items (online only) will be available at a 50% discount with code  water50  at checkout*.

*We will only offer exchanges or store credit and no refund during the sale.

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