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Sustainable fashion is the unanimous solution to some of the most serious problems of the modern world. When plastics are choking our oceans, it’s essential that the fashion industry also realize their environmental responsibility.  The hour’s need is to find ways to reduce wastages, and the fashion brand Loop has successfully attained it.

Loop has emerged as a blessing in the sustainable fashion scenario with its stylish, comfortable, and environment-friendly swimwear. This brand is the brainchild of two innovative designers who share their passion for design and obsession to protect the environment. Loop has taken a step forward in the right direction with its initiative to “protect what we love.”

Here’s is what makes Loop stand out.

Reducing plastic pollution
  • The most important and the best feature about Loop is that the swimsuits are made using REPREVE. It is the world’s leading recycled fiber that uses the plastic that would have otherwise landed in oceans.  By partnering with Unifi and using Repreve, Loop has recycled more than 20 billion plastic bottles.

They have already made a big difference by reducing plastic pollution and are determined to do their best to protect oceans. Their collection of amazing swimwear showcases how you can care for the environment and still be fashionable.


High on quality, style, and fashion
  • From style, comfort, smooth fit to superior quality, Loop swimsuits have got it all. The fabric made from recycled plastic bottles is circular WEFT knit for more 4-way elasticity. Whether you want to go swimming, diving, snorkeling, or even wave jumping, Loop swimwear ensures superior comfort.

The fun prints and interesting patterns add to the charm of these swimsuits. A fascinating fact about the swimwears is that they are sublimation printed. This heat transfer printing technique uses much less water, energy, and chemicals than vat dyeing or screen printing.

In addition to being durable and reliable, Loop swimsuits are extremely trendy and stylish too.

Sun protective swimwear 
  • It is a known fact that overexposure to ultraviolet rays is one of skin cancer’s main causes. Loop swimsuits are sun protective that will help safeguard your skin against UV rays’ harmful effects. The UPF50+ fabric blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays for you to have fun outdoors without any worries.Show some love to your skin and the environment all at once with Loop swimsuits.

Minimized Packaging
  • Loop does every bit to protect the environment, and they strictly restrict the use of poly bags even in packaging. The new garments are shipped in eco-friendly flat-pack recycled boxes without any factory packaging.  This is a fantastic trend that every industry must follow with the rise of online shopping.

Just like themselves, they don’t want their customers to use plastic bags ever. For that reason, they also provide customers with an eco-PEVA pouch that’s reusable and waterproof. It will ensure that the belongings are safe from a wet bathing suit after use.

Zero waste policy
  • Loop’s mission is to close the loop on waste, and that’s why they have followed a zero-waste policy. This implies that at the end of the swimsuit’s useful life, they get it recycled again by the fabric supplier Unifi. This is another amazing effort by Loop to reduce wastage and save the environment.

Some Amazing Loop products that I adore

Loop creates amazing swimsuits for women, men, and kids. It includes bikini tops, bottoms, one-piece, rash guards, and swim shorts for men

Here is a look at some of their most phenomenal products. You can check their website for more products and start placing your orders as they ship worldwide.


Check out the marvelous collection of swimsuits on the Loop website and place your orders now.  Take a moment to appreciate the team’s effort to making the world a better place to live in.

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#WisdomWednesday with Loop Swim - May '24

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