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I am enough.

I am enough.

March 7 2021
"This year, let’s celebrate Women’s Day by giving ourselves the gift of I Am Enough."- A letter ...
loop swim monas travel blog

Loop Feature: Mona's Travel Blog

January 11 2021
Sustainable fashion is the unanimous solution to some of the most serious problems of the modern...
Style Your Loop Suit As A Real Outfit

Style Your Loop Suit As A Real Outfit

October 12 2020
Check out our guide to wearing your Loop suit year-round!
A Perth-fect Staycation

A Perth-fect Staycation

September 17 2020
With Covid-19 raging around the world, we’ve now become accustomed to face masks, social distanci...
woman diving coral rashguard Loop Swim

Dive in with Loop Co-founder Itee!

October 24 2019
Itee, our PADI certified co-founder shares some of her dive secrets and how the deep blue gives her inspiration for the brand.
Every Body is a Beach Body

Every Body is a Beach Body

October 11 2019
We are big believers in body positivity, embracing our curvy or flat selves, and understand that wearing something we’re comfortable in is key to rocking our fabulous bods.
two people surfing watching sunset girl guy couple Loop Swim

Surfing the Waves in Phuket

September 18 2019
We spoke to Henry Chapman, 16, the Thai National Surf Champion, and Aliya Akhmetshina, an expat fellow surfer, on what makes Phuket the perfect place to hone their skills.
5 Best Luxurious Beach Hotels in Asia

5 Best Luxurious Beach Hotels in Asia

July 2 2019
Loop loves to partner with brands who share our passion for sustainability and cultivate stylish products and experiences. We wanted to highlight a few of our partners across Asia by offering some summer travel suggestions for a luxurious escape.