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Is it Time for the Fashion Industry to Shrink?

Is it Time for the Fashion Industry to Shrink?

9 days ago
COVID-19 has pulled back the curtain on the $1.5 trillion dollar global fashion industry – turns ...
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How to Celebrate World Ocean Day

June 8 2020
Not sure how to mark this unique day? Here are 6 simple ways you can leave a positive impact
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Coral Conservation #protectwhatyoulove

June 3 2020
Given the sensitivity of the coral, destructive fishing practices, unsustainable coastal development, and pollution have all contributed to their degradation. Read more to learn about coral conservation!
Every Day is Earth Day!

Every Day is Earth Day!

May 26 2020
Happy Earth Day! Here's some habits and lifestyle changes that might help in reducing our carbon footprint.
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An Urban Field Guide To Plastics

April 13 2020
We should all be trying to reduce the amount of plastic we use, from carrier bags and reusable water bottles to buying loose veggies. Here is our guide to plastics!
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Loop Swim Celebrates World Water Day

March 22 2020
World Water Day, is an annual UN observance day and it is all about raising awareness around the world’s (fast) shrinking freshwater supply. Read to learn more about fashion's role in World Water Day.